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Club Soccer Tryout Information

Club Tryout Summary

The information below has been written specifically for the parents and children who understand the commitment involved with comp soccer, and are ready to begin the tryout process. Please note that selection of your child to a comp team is NOT guaranteed. For more information regarding the competition program itself please check out the competition section of the website.

For information on whether or not you should consider the comp program please check out the moving to comp section of our website.

What to Bring to Tryouts

In order to tryout for a Club Team there are several things you need to bring with you to tryouts that will speed up the check-in process:

  • Copy of the Player's Birth Certificate
  • A Completed Tryout Form and Waiver
    *** Blank forms will be available at the field but it's easier if they are pre-filled out

The following items are REQUIRED to tryout:

  • Wear Soccer Clothing - don't show up in jeans, dresses etc.
  • Soccer Cleats - NO Toe cleats
  • Water or Gatorade - trust me your players will need it
Download Tryout Form

What we Look for at Tryouts

During the tryout process your player will be evaluated by our staff in a variety of soccer specific abilities. Some of the key things we look at are:

  • Attitude - This is a big one, we want to know how easy your player is to coach. Are they willing to learn and try new things? Or are they stuck in their ways.
  • First Touch - A crucial soccer skill. How well a player is able to receive a ball is extremely important at the club level.
  • Ball Manipulation - How well can the player dictate what the ball does at their feet? Can they execute soccer skills to beat an opponent or do they rely on speed?
  • Dribbling - How close is the ball to the player as they dribble? Are they keeping their head up or constantly looking at the ground?
  • Awareness - Do players know what's around them at all times? Are they looking to open space or do they chase the ball?
  • Communication - Soccer players MUST talk on the field.
  • Defending - Every player must be able to and willing to defend (including forwards). Are players making an effort to win the ball back - or do they check out of the game until they have the ball?

This is by no means anywhere near a complete list, but should give you an idea of the areas that are the most important.

Regarding UYSA Changes

U.S. Soccer and Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA) recently passed down two initiatives that will forever change the face of youth soccer, not only in Utah but all across the United States. The first change passed down is a required change to the age group matrix of all Club teams, ODP teams, and National teams. The second change announced was the mandate that all US Youth affiliated clubs must mandate Small-Sided Games. Each of these changes will have an effective on our current and future players. This document is to inform parents, coaches, and players as to how TC United intends on addressing these changes.

What is the Age Group Change?

The simple version of this change is that all state competitive teams, ODP teams, and National teams will be mandated to a "birth year" format rather than the traditional format, which follows the school year. Below is a chart of next year's age matrix:

Birth YearPlaying Group

Whether or not as a league we like or dislike this change is irrelevant. TC United along with all the other teams and clubs in the state and country, are forced to adhere to this change. As a club, TC United will approach this change head on and make the best of the situation

TC United's Plan to Address this Change

Tryout Changes - In the past players would attend tryouts based on several things. First, if the player was new they would simply show up to the tryout time assigned to their age group. Second, if a younger player was specifically asked by a coach to attend an older team's tryout they would show up for that team's tryout. Third, if a player had played for a particular coach/team the prior year they would show up for that tryout.

When tryouts roll around this year players will be required to attend their specific age group's tryout FIRST - regardless of their current team. If during their evaluation they display exemplary skills and are clearly dominate in that age group; they may be asked by the Coaching Director (on the advice of the coach running the tryout) to attend a second tryout with an older group. Tryouts this year will be structured as follows:

Tryout GroupBirth Year
Group 12007 - 2008
Group 22005 - 2006
Group 32003 - 2004
Group 42002 and Older

The reasoning behind this will become more clear after reading the small-sided changes that are to be implemented this year. But, the simple version is that each of these age groups play within the same structure - Group 1 Play 7v7 - Group 2 Play 9v9 - Group 3 Play 11v11 - Group 4 Play 11v11 (But are affected by High School Play).

Please note that just because you begin the tryout process with one group does NOT mean you'll finish within that same group. Meaning you may start the process in Group 2 and be asked to move to the Group 3 tryout.

The TC United coaching staff will look to make decisions benefiting the development of each player in the club FIRST AND FOREMOST. As a club it is crucial that we place players of like ability on the same team. In order for players to develop we MUST let them play with kids of their own ability, and preferably within their own age group when feasible.

Here is a good example: Players A, B, and C are extraordinary players on their team. Players D, E, and F are still developing their own skill level. Players A, B, and C have the ability to play in a higher division or even "up" an age group with players of equal ability. If we do not let Players A, B, and C play "up" and we keep them with Players D, E, and F; two things happen. First, Players A, B, and C dominate their games and are never challenged - thus they never improve. Second, Players D, E, and F will not have as many opportunities to improve their own skills during a match because the ball will primarily be at Player A, B, or C's feet.

TC United is a Soccer Club - we are not an association of independent teams wearing the same uniform and badge. As a club we have to always keep in mind that we are here to develop players, not to rack up results in league play. A second point that coaches, parents, and players need to understand is that players play for TC United - they do not, for example, play for TC United - TC 05 Metro B. The purpose of a club is that we all work together and we are all on the SAME TEAM sharing the SAME GOAL of player development

Current Teams

Players and Parents that currently have children playing club soccer, please note that we will do our very best to mitigate the disruptions this change is going to have. But, we do ask that you keep an open mind and trust that as coaches any decisions we make will be in the best interest of your player and their development.

The Parent and Coach Role in this Change

My recommendation to the parents and coaches of TC United teams is to educate yourselves. If you have questions PLEASE speak with myself, Kisha or Casey as we all have sat in countless meetings both at the state and national levels about how to best handle this change. Please understand that we do realize the issues and conflicts that will be caused by this monumental change, and are doing our best to keep change as painless as possible - while also keeping the best interests of our players in mind. By no means will this be an easy change - and we do realize that splitting players from their current teams will be stressful for everyone involved. Trust me, I've spent countless hours lying awake in bed trying to come up with a solution that is beneficial for everyone involved.

U9 through U12 Small Sided Games

In addition to the age group changes - there will be changes made to the size of fields, goals, and number of players for the U9 through U12 age groups. I for one am extremely excited about this change, and am looking forward to implementing it. The idea behind this is to reduce the number of players on the field (in the case of U12) allowing each player more touches. Additionally, 7v7 and 9v9 format is a much easier transition into the full-sided game as it allows for more traditional shapes and formations. This will help develop our players' ball skills, utilization of space, and understanding of player roles.

For more information regarding the small-sided initiative I suggest taking a look at the link below:

US Soccer Player Development Initiatives

During this time of change, we will be working very hard to answer all questions and take care of every detail. Though we understand that change is difficult and sometimes hard to understand, we feel we can make TC United a better club through this process. What we do ask of our parents, players, and coaches is that they keep an open mind and be willing to accept some change. We want all parents, players, and coaches to have an educated understanding of what to expect at tryouts and going forward - so please if you have any questions let us know so we can address them.

Tyler Christensen
TC United Coaching Director

The Tryout Process

Tryout times will be announced in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin (typically around January for spring and May for fall), and will also be posted on this site.

Tryouts will generally consist of all phases of the game being assessed by the TC United Club Coaching Staff. Players are organized into groups and are evaluated on their technical, tactical, physical, and pyschological abilities as they relate to the game of soccer.

After the tryout process is completed, coaches then meet and decide who to place on what rosters. Generally speaking - if there are enough "qualified" kids to make two (or more) teams for an age division - then teams will be split and placed into different divisions at the state level.

Parents will then be notified either by phone call or by email the result of the tryout, and when the first (and very important) "team meeting" will take place.

If you have further questions regarding the tryout process for TC United please feel free to contact our Competition Director:

  • Tyler Christensen
  • 801-550-3523